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Hi! I'm Jason, and we need to talk about your cabinets!  My business is all about economics.  Everyone has a dream kitchen or bathroom in mind, and brand new custom cabinets are always the centerpiece for those fantasies.  The problem is that not everyone can make room in their budget -- or their busy life for a complete remodel.  So we thought, why throw out your perfectly good cabinets when we can come into  your home, and in about a week, we can give your existing cabinets a complete makeover. Realize your  dream at a fraction of the cost!  Custom Cabinet Refinishing can do amazing things for you and your family, and we would love to meet you and show you how we can give your cabinets a brand new life.

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Jason's Custom Finish        901 Sheridan Salina KS 67401      785-819-1002      www. jasonscustomfinish.com

Custom Cabinet Refinishing        901 Sheridan Salina KS 67401      785-819-1002      www.ccrsalina.com